The most powerful natural language understanding engine on the market

Works without an internet connection - Tolerant to spelling errors possibilities

Voice command

After sales service automation

Interactive help by chatbot

Exploration of information bases

Replacement of forms by free text

What is ? is a technology helping developers to create control interfaces by natural language.

Schéma c'est quoi ?
Schéma explicatif

Why use it in your app ?

In any media or application, language is a way to interact without the need of learning.

Schéma pourquoi l'intégrer ?

How it works can be used as cloud service or embedded on your stand-alone hardware.

icone tolérance aux fautes

Tolerance to spelling errors can deal with spelling errors and typing errors.

icone compatible


Json API reachable by Socket, WebSocket or request HTTP

icone autonome

Autonomous can be easily embedded: It is ARM compatible, and requires no internet connection

icone evolutif

A single configuration

To set up, no need for examples or data set, just provide a configuration that describes the possibilities of your software.

icone polyglotte


English and French are already available, and other languages are to come

icone rapide


A few hundredths of second are enough to process a request on standards applications.

High reliability

Schéma des performances


After three years of research with the aim of popularizing interfaces with natural language, we now offer We wish to ensure greater freedom of editing for developers who want to create their language control interfaces. More generally, it's about inviting natural language in all digital environments, whatever their constraints, with reliability and serenity. team

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