Trusted artificial intelligence that analyzes human language

They trust us

Explainable AI that understands your business

"My team handles too many emails, forms, and social media messages."

"My clients' data is sensitive and deserves a trustworthy AI."

"I want an AI that is quick to implement for my teams."



A solution to analyze, categorize, and automatically process
all your messages and attachments.

"I want to create an explainable semantic analysis project without hallucinations."

"My AI project is consuming too much energy for its training."

"Generative AI limits me in data structuring."

Expand your business
by just a few weeks

Share your business issues and needs with our teams

Define all of your analysis criteria with our experts

Integrate the solution quickly into your operations

Observe the processing performance of your documents from the first weeks

The trustworthy AI

Use a technology without bias or hallucinations that addresses today's ethical challenges


The quick setup allows for visible results in the first weeks without semantic complexities or hallucinations.


All choices resulting from artificial intelligence are explainable, traceable, and demonstrable.

Sovereign's artificial intelligence is 100% French, proprietary and hosted by Scaleway.


This technology consumes very few server resources and has a low CO2 impact.

Our distinctions

Referenced three times

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Competitive Landscape: Intelligent Document Processing Platform Providers

Vendor ID Tool: Natural Language Technologies


An official label granted by French authorities to metropolitan hubs recognized for their startup ecosystem, as well as a shared brand that can be used by innovative French companies.


French Assurtech unites eight leading mutual insurance companies to support the growth of startups and redefine the insurance of tomorrow.


Launched by La Poste in 2015, French IoT is the premier innovation program for startups and large corporations to accelerate the development of connected services.

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