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Founded in 2016, Golem.ai carries a strong, sovereign project that respects ecological issues and guarantees the protection of personal data. Our fast growing company continues to attract talent fostering our ethical vision of artificial intelligence.

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Killian Vermersch

CEO & Co-founder

Guillaume Navarre

CMO & Co-founder

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Strategic Advisor

Guillaume NATAS

Media and Content Expert


Serial entrepreneur

François Rebour

Contre-amiral (2S)

Thomas Solignac

Co-founder and Board Member of Golem.ai


Serial entrepreneur

François Rebour, Admiral (2S)

I find in Golem.ai a "special forces" spirit: a remarkable entrepreneurial dynamic; an unparalleled agility in engagement; a complete sense of mission for France; an operational excellence whatever the environment; a small and close-together team, a specific culture strong in its diversity; major completions with frugal means; I am very pleased to support this company in the field of security and defense, particularly in terms of operational approach to innovation and institutional relations.

Admiral Rebour joined the GOLEM.AI team after commanding the Naval Special Forces (ALFUSCO) and joint operations (CPOIA). It brings to it a 35 years of operational achievements in the Navy, in joint, interdepartmental and international, notably in the United States and Europe.