Don't miss a single message

Sort and transmit messages from your communication channels and respond automatically

Gain agility in managing and tracking customer messages with our solution that automates the classification of messages received on your channels (emails, text messages, social networks, chatbots, etc.) and automatically generates response messages. All your employees have to do is validate the content and send it off.


Simplified connection to different channels (email, sms, social networks, CRM...)

Increased Productivity

End low-value tasks to focus on the essentials

Simplified Processing

Automatically categorize your incoming messages and automatically respond to requests

Customer case

Retail et e-commerce

Delivery time

2 month

E-Mails received per day

4 000

Response time

1 to 5 seconds

Reliability rate


At, we help companies automate the response and categorization of their incoming messages. This is particularly the case of the retail company Manutan: we support businesses in their daily tasks and provide them with optimized solutions adapted to their needs (increased incoming message flow, accumulation in the management of unprocessed claims ...)

An exception in the AI landscape

No personal data

Guarantee your customers that none of their personal data will be stored or processed manually by

No training necessary

The configuration does not require training (without machine learning) or datasets.

Tolerant of faults includes phrases that contain spelling and grammar errors, including specialized business vocabulary.


Once the first language is in place, the configuration structure is easily available in all languages

They trust us

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