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Web Socket Sécurisé (WSS)




A parameter allows the capture of an information related to an interaction.
After a request, will indicate, if an interaction is found, the value of the related parameters.

Significant context

A context contains in particular :

- An ID
The request_answer will refer to it.

- An archetype
Which defines the format of the information to research.

- Descriptors
If there was uncertainty on the treatment of a request, they can be used to make a decision.
Also : If two parameters share the same archetype (ex : a departure city, an arrival destination) the descriptor allows the differenciation. In such a case, it is strongly recommanded to add descriptors.

- A verbose field
Completely optional, it allows generating helpers.
For a given parameter, a verbal group has to be used to describe the element.
Ex :
"departure city"

- Optional
When it is set at "true", it allows to notify that a missing value found for this parameter is not a problem.
If an interaction is clearly identified, but a non-optionnal parameter is missing, the request_answer will indicate that the request is "incomplete".

- Multiple
Allows the capture of several values for a given parameter.


We can define the descriptors and verboses for several languages, as we could for the interactions.


     "archetype": "city_france",
     "id_parameter": "departure_town",
     "verbose": {
         "en": "the town departure",
         "fr": "la ville départ"
     "descriptor": {
         "en": [
         "fr": [
     "descriptor_right": {
         "en": [
         "fr": [
     "descriptor_left": {
         "en": [],
         "fr": []
     "optional": true,
     "multiple": false

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