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Web Socket Sécurisé (WSS)

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Depending on the use, three possibilities to connect to your server : HTTP, Websocket or Socket.

HTTP, Websocket ou Socket ?

HTTP Websocket TCP
Response time Fast Very fast Very fast
Available features All All All
Protocole format JSON JSON JSON
Is SSL/TLS connection possible ? Yes - HTTPS Yes - WSS No (incoming)
Recommanded use Web page
Web page Web server
Desktop software
Home automation, Robotics, connected objects

A common protocole

HTTP, socket and websocket share the same protocole.
Socket and websocket mode are allowing the engine to answer somewhat faster ; the connection staying open, it can pre-compute some data at the connection, and use it for all further requests.


The different connection modes have an harmonised functionning ; there is no route in HTTP mode. All the connections are made to the same URL.
The differenciation of the packets is made by a "type" field, contained in each paquet, regardless of the connection mode.
This documentation indicates in particular the value of the "type" field for each request.

Console use

If your server was created from the console, you will need to provide the token of your server, visible from the console. This token allows the SaaS proxy to connect you to the right server.

In socket / websocket mode, this will be an extra step before any request.
In HTTP mode , the token must be integrated into any request.


If you are doing a public application (web page for example) this token will be public. Only the token of the administrateur allows the modification and the setting of the server (this token is still not visible from the console).

Connection address

To connect to a server created from the console, you have to use the connection address visible on the bottom left of the documentation.

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