Guide of the console

Here you will find all the essential information on the operation of the console from the oldest version to the most recent.

Describing a parameter

   "type" : "interaction",
   // Data of the interaction
   "parameters": [
         "archetype" : "int",
         "id_parameter" : "sucre",
         "descriptor" : {
            "fr-fr" : ["sucre"],
            "en-us" : ["sugar"] 
         "verbose" : {
            "fr-fr" : "nombre de sucres",
            "en-us" : "sugar amount"
Field Description
archetype Identifier of the wanted archetype.
id_parameter Identifier of the parameter. It is found during the function call.
descriptor Keywords describing the parameter.
verbose Nominal sentence describing the parameter.


It is possible to state that a value is optional.

      "archetype" : "int",
      // ...
      "optional" : true

If the service does not find the required information for a parameter, it will still be possible to call the interaction.
In the interaction call, the parameter's value will be null.


It is possible to search for several values for one only parameter.

      "archetype" : "date",
      // ...
      "multiple" : true

The Service will send all the values found for this type.

Combined use optional/multiple

Number of elements sought regarding the configuration :
multiple : false multiple : true
optional : false 1 1 à N
optional : true 0 à 1 0 à N

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