Guide of the console

Here you will find all the essential information on the operation of the console from the oldest version to the most recent.


Communication modality with the Service

Communication : Socket ou WebSocket

The connections are equally made via Socket or Websocket. The protocol used is strictly identical. The Socket connection and the WebSocket connection each have a different dedicated port.

The connection is made via Socket or WebSocket to be persistent : The Targets receive spontaneous network events when the user is requesting it.

Websockets are allowing to test the use of the service very quickly, in Javascript for example.

Protocol format : JSON

The communication format is JSON.
In accordance with JSON norm, the packages have to be encoded in UTF-8.

Messages Identification

All messages are JSON objects. They automatically contain a “type” field specifying the nature of the message.
For example :

identityAll -> Service
       "type" : "identity"


Each message sent to the server/host leads to an immediate acknowledgment of receipt.
The confirmation type always is :
"confirm_" + the package type which has been well received.

confirm_identityService -> All
       "type" : "confirm_identity"

Note :
Those confirmation messages will contain information you already have. The purpose is to validate the smooth running of the dialogue at each stage.

Adresses de connexion à l'API :

Web Socket :
Web Socket Sécurisé (WSS) :