Sending a user request

For a request to be processed by the service, the following command has to be sent :

requestHTTP -> Service
       "token" : "eb07ab4bab49d7deadad8cbe43bd8276", // Console mode only
       "type" : "request",
       "language" : "fr-fr",
       "text" : "Train for bordeaux tomorrow"
The operation is the same as in socket/websocket, as we are sending a request message, being identified as a front_and_target
Please go to the request page for more details.


       "type" : "answer_and_call",
       "answer" : ..., // message "answer"
       "call" : ... // message "call"

You are receiving in the same package, the answer package (answer to the user) and the call package (interaction call).

Special features

As a consequence, this request can only lead to an interaction call when the server is in fixed_context mode (as the console servers).

API connection address :

Web Socket :
Web Socket Sécurisé (WSS) :