Guide of the console

Here you will find all the essential information on the operation of the console from the oldest version to the most recent.


Send a user request

For a request to be prcessed by the server,the following command is sent :

requestFront -> Service
       "type" : "request",
       "language" : "fr-fr",
       "text" : "Train for Bordeau tomorrow"
Field Description
language Language is which the user has expresser his request.
See the available languages
text User request

The "text" field can contain or not :
- Capital letters,
- Punctuation.

The encoding has to be in UTF-8. A failing encoding will lead to an abnormal request handling if it countains specific characters.

Confirmation receipt

In return, the service sends :

confirm_requestService -> Front
       "type" : "confirm_request",
       "id_request" : 12,
       "id_session" : "machine_145"

The "id_request" an ID (number) automatically given to each request received. Some messages ("error", "answer") are referring to it.

Service behaviour

When a request is received by the service, it can behave in several ways :

1- Le service is executing the action
In that case, the selected client target receives a interaction call. And the front client who has made the request receives an answer.

2- The service cannot execute the action
Only the client front who has made the request receives a message, a "answer" type.

3- The service returne an error
The front client receives an error

Adresses de connexion à l'API :

Web Socket :
Web Socket Sécurisé (WSS) :