Languages available now :

  • "fr-fr" -> French
  • "en-us" -> English

Feel free to contact us for new languages.

Minimal operation with other languages

It is possible to run in a minimal way in any other language.
We only need the name of the language in the language field of the request to match in the definition of the available interactions.

If you are using a language which is unknowed to, the following functionalities will be disabled or reduced :

  • The builtins (but not for your customized archetypes)
  • The varying shapes (automatic detection of the conjugated forms, plural, etc.)
  • The generation of a phrased answer in return of a user request.

In the future, the users will no longer depend on the languages defined in the heart of

API connection address :

Web Socket :
Web Socket Sécurisé (WSS) :