How it works

The target software connects to the service and describes its available functions.


The user makes a request. transforms it into a function call.


Describe a function

For each of the program’s functions we wish to give the user access to :

function serve_drinks(drinks, drinksextra)

We provide a description :


One function for all use cases


The occurrence of the parameters

Some requests contain several times the same parameter.


To take into account the various values of the same parameter, it is possible to configure it as multiple.
Thereby obtaining :

function serve_drinks(drinks : “coffee”, drinksextra : [“milk”,”sugar”,”honey”])

A parameter doesn’t necessarily need to be informed to transform a request into a function call. In this case, it is possible to configure this parameter as optional.


The user is guided

It can happen that the user requests something that the program cannot do :


Or an incomplete request :


A request will be considered incomplete if a non optional parameter isn't present. answers’ are generated from the description (“verbose”) of the available functions.

Go to the console to create your custom-made use cases or to experiment the existing examples !