Golem.ai, the perfect French AI to leverage the full potential of your data

Golem.ai helps you classify and analyze your document databases in all forms. Our technology is also able to interpret all incoming messages, enabling you to analyze them better, leading you to make the right decisions faster and transparency.

Golem.ai, both a civilian and defense contractor

We offer an artificial intelligence based on Natural Language Understanding (NLU) which enables extracting information from textual data (documents, messages...) found among all your storage databases.

This French technology is also multilingual, and works without training. This means it is totally explainable, ethical and without bias. It does not require to store data.

The technology developed by Golem.ai meets the needs of the civilian world as much as the defense and security industry armed forces and Ministries of Defense find faster ways in their decision making processes ..

Killian Vermersch, CEO & Co-Founder of Golem.ai, at Eurosatory 2022, GICAT private area

They trust us

Find information faster

Automate the processing of incoming messages

The trustworthy AI

Use a technology without bias or hallucinations that addresses today's ethical challenges


The quick setup allows for visible results in the first weeks without semantic complexities or hallucinations.


All choices resulting from artificial intelligence are explainable, traceable, and demonstrable.


Golem.ai's artificial intelligence is 100% French, proprietary and hosted by Scaleway.


This technology consumes very few server resources and has a low CO2 impact.

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