Automate the processing of your orders and calls for tenders

ProductBot, the innovative solution in the processing of your tenders

Based on our 100% proprietary artificial intelligence, ProductBot is a solution that reads customer requests, understands them whatever their formulation, reconciles them to the product catalog, and automatically fills in the lines of the response according to adaptable criteria (price, quality , margin…).

Ergonomic interface

Manage your tenders being processed with ease with the ability to change steps, delete and export results

Automatic updates

ProductBot updates automatically with all of your product catalogs. Just focus on performance

Fine understanding

Extremely efficient, ProductBot tolerates spelling mistakes and understands your customers' requests regardless of their formulation

Customer case

Retail & e-commerce

Product references

400 000

Operational solution

4 months

Codified products per hour

6 times more

We support retail companies receiving an increasing number of tenders to be dealt with quickly and efficiently. We offer the businesses in charge of matching calls for tenders an automatic service that increases their performance and the quality of the results of these calls for tenders.

An exception in the AI landscape

No training

The configuration does not require training or examples. High reliability by default and immediately operational


The only AI that allows you to follow its reasoning word for word.

On premise

High reliability by default and immediately functional. Our technology can be installed on your infrastructure. It also works in SaaS and on embedded systems.

Specific Vocabulary

Our AI takes into account your business vocabulary, product codes and all their technical characteristics.

They trust us

We are here to help