Don't get lost in your searches.

GEDBot finds the information that you are looking for, accurately and immediately, in the millions of documents stored on your infrastructure.

Thanks to GEDBot, your employees access all the information, "even" the complex, old, and poorly stored, contained in documents stored on your servers, GED, etc. This is enabled by research expressed in free text.

Optimized time

One and a half hours of documentary research saved per day per collaborator


Our tool is hands-on and doesn't require long hours of training

Easier search

Make better-documented and therefore more effective decisions

Customer case


Consortium companies


Decrease in search time


Creation of prototype

3 months

Deployment of the final version

6 months

Since 2019, we have been working with the Joint Operations Command (CPOIA), the Centre for Planning and Conduct of Operations (CPCO) and the Defense Innovation Agency (AID) in creating a product (KEOS) to facilitate the research and processing of information, meeting the requirements for desired efficiency and speed.

An exception in the AI landscape

No training necessary

The configuration does not require training (without machine learning) or datasets.

Low response time

We can analyze a large number of documents and give you an instant response

Tolerant of faults includes phrases that contain spelling and grammar errors, including specialized business vocabulary.


Once the first language is in place, the configuration structure is easily available in all languages

They trust us

We are here to help