Validate your criteria in the blink of an eye

Analyze and automatically validate large volumes of documents according to your reading criteria and find the supporting passages in our reports.

Audit your documents in the blink of an eye with our tool that can read and analyze your documents, automatically validating your criteria and requirements. Thanks to the analysis report generated, you will have access to each text extract that validated the criteria. Don't lose precious hours reading complex documents, just check the analysis reports of our tool.

Validate your criteria

Save time in validating your criteria (calls, etc.) based on the analysis report generated

Business interests

End low-value tasks to focus on your core business

Unlimited analysis can read documents from one to several thousand pages, and validate an infinite number of criteria

Customer case

Energy supplier

Development time

6 weeks

Continuous improvement time

4 weeks

Reliability rate


Time saved per folder


We support companies receiving an increasing number of tenders to be processed quickly and efficiently. We provide sales teams with an automatic analysis service, increasing the number of calls for tenders they can respond to. Thanks to, salespeople will have responded to twice as many tenders after a year of use.

An exception in the AI landscape


Get out of the black box by opting for the only AI that allows you to follow its reasoning word for word.

No training

The configuration does not require training (without machine learning) or datasets.

On premise

High reliability by default and immediately functional. Our technology can be installed on your infrastructure. It also works in SaaS and on embedded systems.

Specific Vocabulary

Business codes can be defined by regular and comprehensible expressions by artificial intelligence.

They trust us

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