Personnal assistant

Make your reports at lightning speed

Ask your personal assistant to calculate in real time the reports you take hours to produce

Make it easy to compile information from multiple databases. Your personal assistant understands your request, searches for answers in all identified sources, calculates the response in real time and brings it to you in the desired form (tables, graphs...) that you can export to your documents.

Simplified reporting

Access all the information in your databases with a single and responsive interface (PC, mobile, tablet)

Optimized decisions

Get instant, up-to-date, real-time answers that can be shared with your teams

Enriched response

Enjoy versatile features such as the generation of graphics, document exporting, appointment-making...

Customer case

Bank Insurance

Delivery time

3 months

Types de questions

4 200

Response time


Reliability rate


We support the business centers of companies with the development of a personal assistant (Written & Voice) answering all the business questions asked by employees in order to simplify the search for, and modification of, information. More productivity and time spent on the core business, increased interest in work and improved customer satisfaction !

An exception in the AI landscape

Frugal AI

The configuration does not require machine learning, nor RGPD complexity and all its decisions are explainable.

Multiple interactions

The tool is able to understand multiple requests in a single sentence and respond to them

Tolerant of faults includes phrases that contain spelling and grammar errors, including specialized business vocabulary.


Once the first language is in place, the configuration structure is easily available in all languages

They trust us

We are here to help