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Accelerate, enhance, bring AI into your technologies with our NLP solution. Our platform is designed to be easily integrated into existing ecosystems by your developers.

Our most popular integrations



Categorize messages and attachments according to detected intentions and label them in your inbox in real time for more efficient processing.



Optimize the processing time of your messages and attachments by categorizing and labeling them automatically according to the intentions detected.



Automatically populate your CRM by extracting relevant information from the messages and attachments you receive.



Automate the enrichment of your CRM by extracting relevant data from the messages and attachments you receive.


Project management

Make your project management easier by automatically integrating key information extracted from your messages and attachments.

Looking for an integration?

Our workflow manager enables us to quickly design custom integrations with over 220 tools that meet your needs.

Customize InboxCare to your needs using our API

Our API enables easy integration of Golem.ai into your product or technological stack in a simple and transparent way.

Connect any flow

Sync your projects, email systems, chatbots and more with InboxCare.

Create custom automations

Create custom and automated workflows using data from your CRM or other business systems.

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