Frequently Asked Questions

What is the technical level required to use

The technology can be installed by us, or be connected to a software by a developer. Programming basics are required, but no knowledge of artificial or linguistic intelligence is required. Being an API, can be used from any programming language.

Can we talk to via SMS, Facebook or Slack for example?

Yes. was thought to not limit the developer in terms of input users. These tools are not provided, but you will have no trouble linking them to You can even allow a user to use multiple different interfaces for the same server.

Can I speak (by voice) to

Yes. To work with voice, can be connected to a speech recognition tool, or even voice synthesis.

I would like a language that is not in the suggested list. Is it possible ?

Yes, it is pretty fast to add languages in We do it on demand. If you want to make a project with other languages, contact us.

What about data privacy ?

The request are not registered in the database. By the console, the team has access to your contexts to assist you in case of need. However, queries are not stored. For complete control of the data that passes through your server, you can install it on your own infrastructure, thanks to licence for embedded

When has been created ?

The technology itself was prototyped in 2013, and alpha was launched in testing phase in 2015. The brand has been created in 2016.

What is the value added by natural language compared to traditional tools?

The multiplication and the complexity of the software interfaces generate make applications harder to user, with painful learning. This difficulty is present in the industrial world but also more commonly in the servicing of the market, that is to say the explosion in the number of ultra-specialized services, generally based on a mobile application (transport reservations, concierge services, birthday organization, pressing at home, etc.)

By offering a technology adapted to any environment and the rapid evolution of software, invites the centralized development of interfaces by language, textual or vocal, to interact with all your services and devices through a single interface.